Umqhele Hair Boutique supplies high quality human hair products at affordable prices. We deliver for free across England, Scotland, Wales, South Africa and Namibia. Our aim is to achieve high customer satisfaction rates through quality service and non negotiable product standards. All of our hair is sourced from trusted and proven suppliers.

Student Special

20% discounts on Brazilian Hair are available for students in South Africa and Namibia.

20% discounts on 20″-24″ hair are available for customers in the United Kingdom.

Hair Care

To maintain your new hair, treat is as you would treat your own natural hair. Wash it with quality hair shampoo as normal. You can also apply conditioner once you have washed the shampoo out. Use deep conditioner once a week.

To maintain that brand new shine and glow, use a small amount of olive oil on the wefts. The scalp and roots may not always have access to conditioner so make sure that you take extra care to look after them especially and specifically to avoid damage to your natural crown underneath your new hair. Avoiding hair health issues is important. To avoid or health dryness apply tea tree oil twice a week.

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